Effective obsolescence management is more important now than ever before. This episode of EUAudio looks specifically at why a proactive approach to obsolescence can help medical device manufacturers prevent past issues from resurfacing and hindering progress in the sector.

In this episode of EUAudio, our manufacturing podcast, we explore obsolescence in the nuclear industry and why implementing a proactive approach can result in an array of benefits to a facility. The earlier that any obsolescence issues are identified, the more possibilities there are for avoiding costly implications.

This episode of EUAudio explains why a proactive approach to obsolescence management allows manufacturers in the military sector to plan in advance, sourcing spare parts where it is most convenient and minimising downtime due to unexpected breakage. In this highly regulated sector, managing obsolescence effectively can mean avoiding additional costs in getting a system back up and running quickly.

Despite all the benefits they offer, many manufacturers are still reluctant to adopt smart materials. In this episode of EUAudio, we look at the reasons behind their cautious implementation, what engineers must consider when choosing a smart material and how industry can learn to embrace them.

October 25, 2021

S11 Ep2. Bicomponent fibres

Innovations in fibre technology are creating opportunities for the use of smart materials in industrial applications. In this episode of EUAudio, we look at the make-up of bicomponent fibres and the various ways they are being utilised across a range of sectors and industries.

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