Due to its ability to create complex shapes without material waste, additive manufacturing has become one of the most popular manufacturing techniques in the production of small specialist components. In this episode of EUAudio we delve into whether the technology can realistically tackle the challenge of automation component obsolescence.

The concept of digital inventories has emerged as an alternative to the shortcomings of large physical inventories. In this episode of EUAudio, we look at why the transition from physical to digital inventories is a complicated one and what the future might hold for manufacturers looking to adopt this technology.

Developing a solid business case for additive manufacturing is often the biggest challenge, mostly due to the high costs involved in setting up a production line. In this episode of EUAudio, we weigh up the flexibility and adaptability of additive manufacturing techniques and why more must be done for it to be consistently used in mass production.

Effective obsolescence management is more important now than ever before. This episode of EUAudio looks specifically at why a proactive approach to obsolescence can help medical device manufacturers prevent past issues from resurfacing and hindering progress in the sector.

In this episode of EUAudio, our manufacturing podcast, we explore obsolescence in the nuclear industry and why implementing a proactive approach can result in an array of benefits to a facility. The earlier that any obsolescence issues are identified, the more possibilities there are for avoiding costly implications.

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